The Steampunk Keyboard Mod

Steampunk KeyboardThis has to be the coolest keybord mod I’ve ever seen! A steampunk styled keyboard. The builder had to use two old 1920s-1930s typewriters to build the keyboard, but that wasn’t enough so he had to use some additional brass rimmed buttons for the extra keys. As the base for the keyboard, the author used a IBM Model M keyboard, manufactured in 1989.
Check out the article where you also could see a video of the keyboard in action.

Brushed aluminium version
Brushed Aluminum Von Slatt Keyboard
The author of the mod, Jake Von Slatt, got asked about making another version of this keyboard for sale. But he wouldn’t do it himself, so he got a friend of him to make the keyboard for the customer. So he made The Brushed Aluminum “Von Slatt Keyboard” version. He made a brushed aluminium version of the keyboard, since that was what the customer wanted. This time, a modern USB keyboard was used.

Some more pictures:
Original version

Right view Left view
Steampunk Keyboard (larboard view) Steampunk Keyboard (starboard view)

Brushed aluminium version

Right view Left view
Brushed Aluminium Von Slatt Keyboard (larboard view) Brushed Aluminium Von Slatt Keyboard (starboard view)

You could click on the images to see a larger view of the image.

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