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Installing Spyware Doctor SE from the Google Pack, without using Google Updater

Friday, August 22nd, 2008 16:37:03 by Håvar Henriksen
Edit: Google Photos Screensaver and Norton Security Scan has been removed from the Google Pack, and the links are no longer valid, but the links have been kept for "historical" reasons.
Note: This post was previously posted under the title: "Installing progams from the Google Pack, without using the Google Updater program".

Most of the programs in the Google Pack could be installed without using the Google Updater program, but there is three one exceptions: Spyware Doctor Starter Edition, Norton Security Scan and Google Photos Screensaver, you can’t install any of these this programs without using the Google Updater program.
The version of Spyware Doctor that you could download from the Spyware Doctor website is limited to only scanning your computer, but not removing spywares.

But there is an solution, I used the Freeproxy program to sniff the connection, and set the Google Updater to use this proxy server when downloading the programs. I enabled the logging of all connections so that I could get the direct download link to the setup files.
The download links to the different programs are is:
Spyware Doctor Starter Edition v7.0.0.545 (Multilingual) (alt)
Spyware Doctor Starter Edition v6.0.0.362 (Multilingual)
Spyware Doctor Starter Edition v5.5.0.204 (Multilingual)
Spyware Doctor Starter Edition v5.1.0.272 (Old version) (Link still working)
Use the last download link, if the first doesn’t work. (Just update it afterwards).
Norton Security Scan v2.0.0.87 (English version)
Norton Security Scan v1.3.0.26 (English version)
Norton Security Scan v1.3.0.26 (Norwegian version)
Google Photos Screensaver v2.0.0.1077

Lithium ion battery makes notebook PC explode

Wednesday, November 15th, 2006 11:33:46 by Håvar Henriksen

This is what could happen if a Li-Ion battery pack on a notebook PC malfunctions. This is somewhat scary.

From: the article

We intentionally created conditions in which the Li-ON[sic] battery pack would explode inside a generic portable. The results are dramatic. There are numerous conditions where these fires can occur in real life. Faulty battery packs (driving the recalls), faulty protection circuits inside the PC, exposure to excessive heat, and blunt force are some of the major ways that this could happen to you.

DokuWiki security hole fixed

Wednesday, April 13th, 2005 14:13:50 by Håvar Henriksen
Note: This is a retrospective post.

Todays Secunia Advisory is from a security hole in the DokuWiki software wich I reported about. :-)

Håvar Henriksen has reported a vulnerability in DokuWiki, which can be exploited by malicious people to compromise a vulnerable system.

The vulnerability is caused due to an input validation error in “media.php” where files with arbitrary file extensions can be uploaded inside the web root. This can e.g. be exploited to execute arbitrary PHP code.

Original advisory:
Secunia Report in Danish: