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Mozilla Firefox 2.0 released

Firefox LogoToday Firefox 2.0 got released. Among the new features is spell checking directly in website forms, using myspell dictionaries. I am one of the translators of this browser to both Norwegian Bokmål and Norwegian Nynorsk. The Norwegian Nynorsk translation is brand new translation as of Firefox 2.0, and did not exist before.
Other new features in Firefox 2.0 includes:

  • Search suggestions: Firefox now shows search suggestions in the searchbox for both Google and Yahoo searches.
  • Phishing protection: Firefox 2.0 includes anti-phishing technology based on the Google Safe Browsing feature of the Google Toolbar for Firefox
  • Javascript 1.7: Firefox 2.0 also includes support for the new version of Javascript, version 1.7

About dialog box of Firefox 2.0
For more information of what’s new in 2.0 see:

To download Firefox 2.0 in Norwegian, you could visit or for all the other languages.
Just to show that I’m a part of the translation team of Firefox and Thunderbird I include a screenshot of the about screen as seen in Firefox 2.0 Norwegian BokmÃ¥l edition.

Julian Beever – the Pavement Picasso

Pavement 3D-art by Julian BeeverI just found this homepage with some really cool 3D-art drawings drawn right on the pavement by the artist Julian Beever, aka the Pavement Picasso.

Julian Beever is an English, Belgium-based chalk artist who creates chalk drawings on pavement that create the illusion of three dimensions when viewed from the right location. These trompe-l’oeil drawings are created using a projection called anamorphism and appear to defy the laws of perspective.

I also found some really cool street paintings by Kurt Wenner at his homepage.

Alternative telefonnumre

Note: this post is only available in Norwegian

Old 1896 telephoneAlternative telefonnumer (gammel side) er en liste over alternative telefonnumre til abonnenter som bruker 810/815 nummer og femsifrede spesialnumre (0XXXX). Denne listen inneholder en oversikt over alternative telefonnumre som ofte er billigere Ã¥ ringe enn spesialnumrene som enkelte firmaer bruker. Enkelte har alternative gratis 800 numre, mens andre har vanlige “Norges nummer” eller eventuelt mobiltelefonnummer. Mobiltelefonnummer er kun billigere Ã¥ ringe fra mobil i forhold til 810/815/5 siffrede spesialnumre. Fra IP telefoner og vanlige fastlinjer er ikke mobilnumrene billigst, da er oftest spesialnumrene billigst (Ref: 39 øre/min for spesialnumre og 89 øre/min for mobiltelefonnummer (Telios priser)).

Note: this post is only available in Norwegian

Old 1896 er en grei tjeneste som per dags dato inneholder over 300 telefonnumre til telefonselgere og markedsanalytikere. Denne listen kan du sÃ¥ f.eks. importere i din mobiltelefon, slik at du lett kan se om det er en “telefonterrorist” som ringer og da bare ignorere samtalen. Eller for de som skulle være sÃ¥ heldige Ã¥ ha en Asterisk PBX satt opp, kan sikkert legge til denne listen slik at telefonoppringning fra disse “terroristene” viderekobles direkte til en telefonsvarer.

Crop circle of Firefox prove intelligent alien life?

The only thing missing, a Mozilla Firefox crop circle, has been made.

Firefox Crop CircleOn Saturday, August 12 the Firefox marketing bug, bug #347226 about creating a Firefox crop cirle, was solved by the Oregon State University Linux Users Group, when they descended on a field in Oregon and made a 4 000+ square meter crop circle of Firefox (with a diameter of about 67 meters). Some photos and an article about this event is available, and they’re worth checking out.

68% of UK Universities and Colleges use Mozilla/Firefox

Firefox Logo

mozillaZine is reporting that over two-thirds of British universities and colleges have installed Mozilla or Firefox on their campus computers. They cite an open source survey by OSS Watch that also shows rising support for Mozilla Thunderbird, Moodle and Octave, though a decline for OpenOffice and LaTeX. Predictably, all open source offerings are blown away by Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office’s 100% deployment rates.”

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“Vanskelig” Æon Flux oppgave

Note: this post is only available in Norwegian

Æon Flux oppgaveDette mÃ¥ være en av de “vanskeligste” oppgavene jeg har sett. Tatt fra gratis bladet Videonytt 2006-03. Legg merke til svaralternativene i oppgave 3, ganske “oppfinnsome” etternavn. :-) Siden disse oppgavene var sÃ¥ “vanskelige” var jeg nødt til Ã¥ sende inn mitt svarforslag, det kan jo umulig være sÃ¥ mange andre som har svart pÃ¥ disse oppgavene…
Et bilde sier som kjent mer enn tusen ord… (klikk pÃ¥ bildet for Ã¥ se en større versjon).

DokuWiki security hole fixed

Note: This is a retrospective post.

Todays Secunia Advisory is from a security hole in the DokuWiki software wich I reported about. :-)

HÃ¥var Henriksen has reported a vulnerability in DokuWiki, which can be exploited by malicious people to compromise a vulnerable system.

The vulnerability is caused due to an input validation error in “media.php” where files with arbitrary file extensions can be uploaded inside the web root. This can e.g. be exploited to execute arbitrary PHP code.

Original advisory:
Secunia Report in Danish: