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Crop circle of Firefox prove intelligent alien life?

The only thing missing, a Mozilla Firefox crop circle, has been made.

Firefox Crop CircleOn Saturday, August 12 the Firefox marketing bug, bug #347226 about creating a Firefox crop cirle, was solved by the Oregon State University Linux Users Group, when they descended on a field in Oregon and made a 4 000+ square meter crop circle of Firefox (with a diameter of about 67 meters). Some photos and an article about this event is available, and they’re worth checking out.

68% of UK Universities and Colleges use Mozilla/Firefox

Firefox Logo

mozillaZine is reporting that over two-thirds of British universities and colleges have installed Mozilla or Firefox on their campus computers. They cite an open source survey by OSS Watch that also shows rising support for Mozilla Thunderbird, Moodle and Octave, though a decline for OpenOffice and LaTeX. Predictably, all open source offerings are blown away by Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office’s 100% deployment rates.”

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“Vanskelig” Æon Flux oppgave

Note: this post is only available in Norwegian

Æon Flux oppgaveDette mÃ¥ være en av de “vanskeligste” oppgavene jeg har sett. Tatt fra gratis bladet Videonytt 2006-03. Legg merke til svaralternativene i oppgave 3, ganske “oppfinnsome” etternavn. :-) Siden disse oppgavene var sÃ¥ “vanskelige” var jeg nødt til Ã¥ sende inn mitt svarforslag, det kan jo umulig være sÃ¥ mange andre som har svart pÃ¥ disse oppgavene…
Et bilde sier som kjent mer enn tusen ord… (klikk pÃ¥ bildet for Ã¥ se en større versjon).